Narrative Coaching-90 Minute FREE Immersion Session

Hi again,

Writing my own blog after so many people do this already feels a bit daunting. I guess every blogger struggles with these thoughts and the only way to get over it is… to do it. So let’s get this party started.

My hope for this blog is that you will find some great tips, inspiring thoughts, encouragement, or affirmation in it. Writing about entrepreneurship or business related topics is for sure no rarity, but maybe I find the right words that will resonate with you and help you along your way, or I mention a book that tickles your interest and helps you find the solution to a problem, or you read about something you had forgotten and realize that it is exactly what you need to do.

I won’t pop up too frequently. I will limit my writing to topics that I feel passionate about. Instead of telling only my friends, I will share it here. And that is the reason for today’s blog. I learned about an event that I imagine will peak the interest of you.

I am talking about a 90-minute free immersion session about Narrative Coaching by Dr. David Drake. He is the founder of Narrative Coaching and Narrative Design Labs. He is a brilliant presenter and has a gift for communicating complex contexts in a simple and clear way.

“His natural and holistic way of coaching gets to the crux of the matter quickly to help his clients to achieve meaningful results by covering the ‘last mile’ in getting from an ‘aha’ to an aspiration to a meaningful action.” (World Business and Executive Coaching Summit)

If you are interested register for his session here:

The reason why I feel comfortable promoting this session is that I know WBECS for a little over a year now and all free sessions I participated in were fabulous. They were packed with content and lots of food for thought. They allow you to sample new ideas, expand your horizon in the coaching realm, and implement them in your own coaching practice.

Will you join me for this webinar? I am sure you won’t regret it.

See you there!



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