Hello, I’m Regine

Who am I?

I am an entrepreneur, organizer-in-chief, confidence booster, coach, consultant, passionate Taekwondo practitioner, German Teacher and cat lover.

What do I do?

I teach women strategies to gain clarity in their business or life. I help women turn problems into opportunities. I create strategies with women to find their focus. I develop their confidence by building their physical and mental strength based on martial-arts inspired techniques.

Why am I doing it?

Because I was tired of not having the guts and determination to do what I was passionate about. Until one day, when I had an epiphany. Not the nice kind, but the kind after which you feel extremely miserable.

Since then, whenever I am confronted with a difficult or problematic situation, an image pops into my head: my first board braking as a martial arts student twelve years ago. My thought then: “Me, breaking a half-inch wooden board? Impossible!” I was terrified and…. failed. Not only once, but twice. Finally, on the third attempt the board broke.

The difference between failure and success? My teacher’s words: “Don’t see a board, see a broken board.”

You may wonder why this has any relevance to my or possibly your business and your life? Very simple: Because the right attitude and focus – or the lack thereof – are the difference between success and failure.

My next thought: I am surely not the only one struggling with such life or business questions. What can I do to make it easier for other women and show them a shortcut?