Baird Soules

Baird Soules, Director of Experiential Learning, Elec. & Comp. Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst


I highly recommend Regine Albrecht as a business coach/life coach! I have been working with her for over a year and am continually impressed with how well she strikes the balance between encouragement and no-nonsense goal-setting. I’m thrilled that her decades of business and life wisdom is available to me on a weekly basis. She is a very real partner in my new ventures.



Oxana Tarynina, Professional Photographer, PhotoByOxana, Basking Ridge, NJ


I started working with Regine at time when I did not know the next direction in my photography business.

She helped me to clear it up and we started to move forward. For me it was important at that time to hear a different opinion, to see another point of view. In a small business when you work by yourself you need it from time to time.

We started to work on my website structure, texts, but in reality in same time it was rethinking my services. Regine is very organized, and helped me to collect, sort all ideas, control progress.

She has solid knowledge in marketing, very good communication skills. I like work with her, and definitely recommend her.

Anonymous, NJ

A year ago I started my own business.  I have been in the financial services industry for more than 3 decades.  I had been very successful as an employee but now it was my company.  A lot of the things I was doing, I knew were redundant.  A lot were non-essential busy work which made me feel productive.

When I hired Regine 4 months ago the first thing she made me do was stop dead in my tracks.  I argued that I could not afford to take a week to work on introspection.  She calmly told me that I needed to go back to the basics to identify what I was hoping to achieve and more importantly, why.

Her focus and drive mixed with her nurturing personality allowed me to quickly identify tasks and systems which needed to be utilized to increase efficiency and others which needed to be eliminated altogether.  This last part was much more difficult than I expected but the time saved by eliminating these activities has allowed me to put that effort to more productive uses.  She had me develop metrics  to measure results for activities which I had identified as important to achieving my goals.

Another one of her directives was to take downtime.  That went against every fiber of my being.  How could taking a walk or sitting by a pool be productive?  There were too many things to do.  She did not back down.  She went as far as scheduling one of our sessions at a park.  This was a little too “hippie” for me but the metrics don’t lie.  When I take downtime, my numbers go up.  Counterintuitive perhaps but I cannot argue with the results.

I have come to look at Regine as a partner.  I seek her counsel.  I still push back but I listen and even having to “support” my own ideas has forced me to really think deep and to question things I had come to assume.   I often joke with her that “I knew that but I know longer do that”.   We all “know” things but having someone remind us helps us to implement them.   If you are looking to take your business to the next level then I highly recommend that you talk with Regine and make her part of your team.


Pooja Parekh


Pooja Parekh, Project Management Consultant – Operations, Pioneer Precious Metals, NJ

I know Regine since 2011 through a consulting opportunity with Pioneer Precious Metals. Besides a deep knowledge of the industry, the best organizational skills of any professional, and a never give up attitude, what drew me most towards her was her complete honesty and transparency when dealing with clients. She always clearly highlights the scope of the project, her professional abilities and experience, and then embarks with a fighter spirit to achieve all the goals.

Regine brings a unique perspective to any meeting, and has often played a devil’s advocate to many a discussion, which helped develop well-rounded project plans that were completely thought through.


Dr. Rene Wiskemann, General Manager – Precious Metals Chemistry, Umicore South Plainfield, NJ

I recommend Regine, she is highly motivated and full of enthusiasm for her work. She did a great job in a business development project in a competitive and mature market environment. Thank you, Regine for your persistence and professionalism in our project!