Calling all women! This group program will help you find your focus and build your strength, both mentally and physically. It will deepen your confidence to make better business and life decisions.

Jasingam is a combination of meditation, exercise and coaching to help women entrepreneurs tackle challenges they are confronted with every day.

This is how it works:

  • You will unplug from your daily routine and rat-race with a calming and meditative introduction.
  • Exercise is next. Getting your circulation going, strengthening your muscles, and getting your body in shape while clearing your head.
  • Now it’s time for some Taekwondo-inspired techniques. This will change your posture and aura. You will internalize and anchor confidence to master critical situations with more success.
  • After a short cool-down period, it is time for our well primed bodies and brains to turn their attention to problem solving. In this closed and safe environment you will have the opportunity to share and discuss your professional challenges, get feedback and input from fellow group members, and with their support determine your next steps.
  • We will close with each group member stating their intended next step.

Who is Jasingam for?

It is for women who…

  • are curious and not afraid to take a new approach at life.
  • who need more confidence in their business and/or life.
  • who feel overwhelmed with their work and need to ‘step back’ to get a new perspective.
  • who have hit a roadblock in their job or business and are looking for a new angle.
  • who are not afraid to uncover new talents and traits within themselves.

Who is it not for?

It is not for women who…

  • are looking for a quick fix.
  • are not ready to commit to a new approach to life.
  • are unwilling to do the hard work to create change.

Are you up for the challenge?

Give me a call +1 (908) 693-0002 or send me an e-mail at