There are many reasons why running your own business, especially in the beginning as a solopreneur, will test your creativity, resourcefulness, stamina, and confidence, to mention just a few.

Challenges of all sorts are your daily companions and you may reach a point where you

  • feel overwhelmed,
  • don’t make progress, despite hours and hours of work,
  • are plagued by indecision,
  • hit a roadblock,   and/or
  • feel paralyzed by doubt

Does this sound familiar? Has this been going on for too long? Then it is time for change.

What stops you from making progress? Let’s find out what’s holding you back and infuse your work with a new purpose and energy.

  • Learn how to get your decision-mojo back.
  • Learn how to deal with roadblocks, once and for all.
  • Learn how to handle overwhelming situations, one step at a time.
  • Learn how to adjust your working day to be more productive.
  • …and most importantly, learn a lot about yourself.

Ready? Questions?

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