It all started with my elevator pitch….

In December of last year, I finally admitted to myself that my elevator pitch was, to say the least, not up to par. I had participated in quite a few networking events and “gave” my elevator pitch, but I never heard the magic words “That sounds interesting, tell me more.” Instead, I had the feeling that people were only listening because they wanted to be polite. There is nothing wrong with being polite, but… it doesn’t help you build and grow your business.

So, I got to work. I read about elevator pitches and “best practices, talked with other entrepreneurs and wrote a blog. To hold myself accountable, I said I would share my elevator pitch when it is done. Here it is:

Hello, I’m Regine.

I give entrepreneurs clarity of what is truly important in their business. This covers the whole spectrum from strategizing to mentoring. I draw from techniques and values that are rooted in Taekwondo which is why I call my business Coaching with a Kick.

The picture below shows me in a workshop for… you guessed it, creating my elevator pitch. 

As it turns out, working on my elevator pitch didn’t just lead to my elevator pitch but marked the beginning of a major change in my business. I realized that my website and social media presence were due for an extensive makeover. As you may know, making the decision is one thing, getting it done quite another.

But as always in business as well as in life, every journey and every project starts with the first step. Mine was the conversation with a friend who happens to be a logo and website designer. To cut a long story short, I hired Christie, and she came up with a beautiful logo. Drum-roll and curtain please. I’m proud to present….

Starting with a logo is not the most obvious place to start, but it turned out to be the perfect start for me. It literally kicked me into gear and got my creative juices flowing. There will soon be a “Coaching with a Kick” Facebook page and, but that will take a bit longer, a new website. Stay tuned, I’ll share updates in my blog, and post on Facebook and LinkedIn. `

See you in two weeks!

3 thoughts on “It all started with my elevator pitch….

  1. Hi Regine,

    Love your new logo…..sounds like a good plan. I love reading your posts and find them to be “right on” and really interesting.

    Hope you and Bodo are healthy and safe!




  2. Goodness, that was a very long time ago. My hair longer, Regine’s hair shorter, Felix definitely shorter. thanks for the picture, Carla. I don’t even remember when you took it. But that’s why we take pictures, right?

    Have a very happy new year,



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