Starting Your Day

Have you read the quick and easy tip to reduce stress? If you missed it, go back to December 1st and read it. It’s a quickie and won’t take more than three minutes.

Here is another great way to use your deep breathing. Before you start your day try this:

Close your eyes, focus on  your breath, and set an intention for the day, e.g. stay calm, be more patient, focus, […] fill in the blank.

I find it a great way to remind myself of something that I know will help me go through my day. If I have a difficult conversation ahead, I remind myself that I need to listen and not assume. If I have a day packed with things I have to do, I may remind myself to stay calm and keep a clear head. If I have a project to launch, I may remind myself to stay focused. Whatever it may be. More often than not, my “intention” pops into my head when I start to lose track and need that little reminder.

Give it a go. I’m sure it’ll help you manage your daily challenges better as well.

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