March 8th – Proofreading Day

Have you ever heard that March 8th is Proofreading Day? I haven’t.

Now you may wonder why, for heaven’s sake, is this worth mentioning. For me it was obvious. Many of us write on a daily basis. We write emails, quotes, proposals, website copy, marketing material, books, news articles, guides, instructions, the list is endless. And each of these written pieces tells a story about us. No, I’m not referring to the content, I’m referring to typos, punctuation, and grammar. They tell stories, too.

I always look at a written piece like an extended business card. It doesn’t matter if it is a quick email, a newsletter, proposal, or anything else for that matter. It leaves the recipient with an impression of us and our business. And we want this impression to be a good one. So, next time before you hit the “send button,” have a final look and make sure you eliminate typos, etc.

That’s why Proofreading Day is worth mentioning.

And for those of you who have known this as a different holiday, happy International Women’s Day.

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